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Join the community of 1000+ incredible wedding pros growing a lifestyle business in the wedding industry. Resources, videos, webinars, templates & so much more.


Join the community of 1000+ incredible wedding pros growing a lifestyle business in the wedding industry. Resources, videos, webinars, templates & so much more.

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Wedding professionals from around the world are a part of this incredible group of like-minded business entrepreneurs on fire about growing their business.  Wedding Planners, Photographers, Florists, Hair & Make-Up Artists, Venue Managers, Caterers, Cake Decorators... and so many others are members of the Weddings Inc. Club.


Your membership includes access to an enormous back catalog of training materials, videos, downloads and webinars that will help guide your business growth.  There are thousands of dollars of value you get access to on day one, and we keep adding more fresh training every month!

what stage of business should I be at?

Weddings Inc. Memberships are for every stage of business growth.  If you're just starting out, it's brilliant to learn what to do immediately to find your market.  For seasoned professionals, you have access to the latest advice to take your wedding business to the next level.


No, not at all!  However, our philosophy is that you should charge what you're worth and you should never look for volume until you have a steady cashflow.  So, oftentimes that means targeting a couple with a higher income.  Having said that, we have lots of amazing businesses involved that are thriving in the budget market.


Not at all!  We have wedding professionals from all over the world in Weddings Inc. No matter if you're from Sydney, Dubai, Paris, Los Angeles, London or Tokyo... you'll find amazing tips, training and community support that is completely relevant for you.

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For less than a cup of coffee a day, you get access to high level wedding professional training that ranges from pricing and your offers, to websites and branding, social media and marketing to how to create your business plan.

Private Community

The awesome community of wedding professionals from around the world unite in the private Weddings Inc. – The Art of Creating a Luxury Wedding Business Facebook Group.  Incredible networks and bonding is formed.

Monthly Webinars

The Weddings Inc. team hosts monthly webinars and training which gives you access to live feedback and Q&As to uplevel your business, PLUS they are recorded and available for you if you miss the live training.

Bonus Material

Incredible training the covers every aspect of running a profitable lifestyle business is available for you 24/7 at Weddings Inc.  And every month we add more material, video training and downloads so you have access to fresh ideas all the time.

Direct Email Access

If you’re stuck or wanting feedback on your business, reach out to the incredible Weddings Inc team who are there to assist you, guide and provide you with support through your business growth.

From Our Clients

I first met Kathryn through the Wedding Planner’s Masterclass and quickly became a huge fan. Her knowledge of  the industry combined with her vast experience as a successful entrepreneur has made her completely invaluable to my company as we continue to grow. Kathryn is hands-on and is extremely skilled in all areas that are crucial for anyone looking to start or propel the current state of their own business. From a design standpoint; she can create for you, a flawless brand that speaks directly to your ideal customer. On the operations side, she has the amazing ability to analyze the inner-workings of your organization, identify what is working and what needs to be changed, then she will take you through the step-by-step process of making those changes. I am looking forward to my continued partnership with Kathryn, as she carefully orchestrates my company’s each and every move while we work our way to the top. She is simply the BEST!

Amy McLaughlin

President, Amy McLaughlin Lifestyles

2 years ago I meet Kathryn when she took me in and mentored me about the wedding industry. I had goals to become a leading Graphic Designer within the industry. By having Kathryn as a one on one mentor I can honestly say that her knowledge, leadership and all her tricks of the trade has helped me and my business successfully.
She understands the hardship of a new small business starting up in such a large dynamic industry. Her guidance, support and 10 years’ experience in the business has been so surreal and incredibly powerful to learn from. I can honestly say that having her as a mentor has been the most incredible learning years. As the saying goes Knowledge is Power and you can be guaranteed to gain this from Kathryn.
Mary-Jayne Lawless

CEO, MezzaJayne Designs

Kathryn has been a Godsend. From our first meeting, she made me feel comfortable, she’s very personable and easy to talk to. She completely understood that I have been working on my own for 10 years and the level I want to take my business to. She listened to where I’m at now, what I want to see change in my business and laid out a plan that was professional, full of integrity and absolutely perfect for me. She has walked me through every step and has gone above and beyond to make sure everything is done perfectly. She knows and understands that my top priority is to not lose myself and still be “totally me” as I get to that next level client. She keeps that in the forefront as we work together. Kathryn never gives me more tasks that I can handle a time. Her demeanor is calm, positive, professional, encouraging and friendly. I feel that she has become a staple and a friend in my business and I love that we have partnered together on this journey. Thanks you for being you, Kathryn!

Samar Hattar

President, Blissful Events

As a small business owner, I am very cautious about where I invest, because I do not have a large budget. I came across Kathryn on Facebook, and listened to one of her webinars. It was inspiring and packed full of knowledge. At the time, I followed several business coaches, and read through all of their emails, promotional products and blogs. After listening to one of Kathryn’s webinars about creating package pricing based on what your worth, I decided to give it a try. I IMMEDIATELY booked a new client at my new high price and was FINALLY able to cover my bills AND get paid. I set up a consult with Kathryn and booked her after our first call.
Through our time together she has helped me create an online presentation that speaks to the right clients about who I am, as a creative, and what I can offer as their wedding planner. She did so much more than I anticipated and has advice, ideas and drive that keeps me motivated and keeps my creative skills flowing. I finally feel like the sky is the limit and I am thrilled to see what we come up with in the future.
Thank you, Kathryn♥️
Amara Cinko

President, Expressed Image

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