Millennials are becoming today’s new couples and as a result, weddings are changing. These couples are looking for celebrations that are unique and authentic to their personalities.  Let’s explore how to attract Millennial Brides to your wedding business.

Growing up in a connected world has shaped their values in ways previous generations can barely imagine. Studies have shown that Millennials value living a purposeful life, being their own boss, flexibility and working collaboratively. They push for change when they see something they don’t like and refuse to accept the status quo if it doesn’t make sense.

They’ve also developed different expectations when making purchasing decisions. They care deeply about what they buy, how they buy it and who they buy it from. Growing up with a mountain of information available at their fingertips has caused Millennials to approach service providers very differently than past generations. 

So, how are their weddings different – and how can you capture the Millennial couples you want?

Don’t Keep Them Waiting

It was the wedding industry’s best-kept secret: keeping couples waiting a day or two when they inquire about wedding services. Not responding right away gave the impression that the wedding professional was busy and successful. It created a sought-after aura that built a reputation as an in-demand wedding business.

No more. Internet-fluent Millennials expect answers instantly. They’re used to being able to get the information they want whenever they need it, and today, a business that doesn’t answer emails or requests quickly sends a message that it’s not on the ball. 

Millennial couples value speed and efficiency as well as engagement. That means that your business must be ready to respond as soon as possible to hold their attention and gain their trust.

There are things you can do to help quickly engage with these leads. Have an up-to-date website and focus your efforts on just one or two social media platforms. Set up a sales funnel that leads to a booking calendar, then send an automated email sequence to keep them engaged. Be sure to avoid generic messaging at all costs! All your content should represent your brand and your unique personality.

The key takeaway here is to follow up with a lead through a call or a personal email as soon as possible or else they’ll hire someone who responded sooner. 

Of course, the best way to ensure you’re connecting with leads on a regular basis is to implement a lead generation and management system. If you have a social media manager, make sure they reply to comments and follow up with inquiries promptly. Doing so sends the right message to Millennial couples and will be key to growing your business.

Standing Out in a Sea of Choices

When planning their weddings, Millennials literally have access to an entire world of options. From DIY YouTube tutorials to budget superstars, Hollywood weddings and social media influencers, they can experience it all whenever they like on their phones, tablets and laptops.

Such a huge range of choices offers Millennials an advantage: they can go elsewhere if they’re not satisfied with what they’re getting with you. They know what excellent customer service looks like and they expect it. They also expect respect from the service providers they hire. No matter which end of the budget spectrum they may be on, it’s essential to treat each and every client like they’re special. If you don’t, someone else certainly will.

Know Your Customer, 21st Century Style

Take some time to study your potential client’s social media profiles. Ask them for their handles (usernames) on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook. Look at their pictures and get a sense of their lives and who they are. They’ll be flattered that you’ve taken the time to get to know them and will feel immediately connected to you. Don’t worry about seeming weird or creepy – in today’s connected world it’s entirely acceptable to look up a profile and pour over their photos and videos.

Let Your Work (and Your Clients) Speak for Itself

Word of mouth has always been the most effective form of advertising and that remains true today – perhaps even more so. Millennials hold word-of-mouth methods such as online reviews in such high-esteem that they’re unlikely to make purchases without a genuine review to examine.

Couples respect peer reviews above anything else. They want authenticity and genuine information about their peer’s experiences. They’re looking for real weddings, detailed testimonials and user-generated content. If they’ve reached out to you, it’s likely because they’ve taken a look at your work, read favorable reviews and want you for their wedding.

To grow your success, post more photos of real weddings and tag your clients. Ask the couples you work with to tag you in their photos as well. That way, when future couples are researching, those tags will bring up your business with the authentic content and beautiful work you do. It’s an extremely effective method of advertising and the best part is… it’s free. 

Don’t forget to follow up after the wedding to get a testimonial. Like reviews, testimonials are crucial for Millennials when they making decisions about who to work with. Video testimonials are particularly powerful, especially with the growth of Instagram and Facebook Stories. Let your clients tell the world about your amazing work!

Give them World-Class Service

Millennials expect world-class customer service – and that starts as soon as they engage with your social profile. When using social media, engage with potential clients sincerely and express your personality authentically. Millennials are experts at sussing out phoniness or insecurity. They want to engage with the companies they buy from the same way they do with real people. They expect to be treated well in exchange for the support they show with their dollars.

While the tradition of marriage hasn’t changed drastically over the years, the expression of that commitment certainly has. Our couples evolve as the world does, and it’s vital we evolve as well or risk getting left behind. However, with a few tweaks to the way you do business, you’ll attract and capture these new couples as they plan their special day.

To learn more about how your wedding business can better embrace Millennials and the future, we have lots of resources on sales funnels, automations, marketing, social media and more at Wedding Masters.  You can find out more here.