If you’re a wedding professional who wants to become a leader in your area, you need a consistent method to market your services online.

And a little content planning will go a very long way.

In the digital marketing world, content calendars are a household name. And for good reason! Content calendars allow you to consistently engage with your audience, establish your authority in your space and generates more leads while saving you time. 

So let’s break down everything that goes into a great content calendar, and discover what works best for you. We’ve even created a downloadable content calendar inside the Wedding Masters Community to make it a cinch! Read on to find out how to create, plan, and execute a content calendar that will streamline your online wedding marketing.

What is a Content Calendar?

In its basic form, a content calendar is an overview of all the content you’re planning to share and post on your social media channels and/or blog. It allows you to plan all of your posts in advance, so you know exactly what you’re posting each day. It’s helpful because it’s visual and easy to quickly glance at which content piece is coming up. Plus, you can schedule all of your posts ahead of time with software like Sprout Social, Airtable or CoSchedule, so you do the work once and you’re done!

Why Does Your Wedding Business Need a Content Calendar?

My wedding planners out there don’t need convincing about this: planning ahead is powerful. Instead of winging it, scrambling at the last minute, or skipping a post (don’t do this!) you’ll have all of your monthly content ready to post. You won’t just save time, you’ll be consistent with your posting, which is essential to build momentum, attract more clients and thrive.

You’ll also be more confident knowing what’s coming up on your feeds so you can engage with your audience effectively. And your content calendar will be instrumental in keeping you focused and organized.

How Do I Use a Content Calendar?

This part is up to you. You can plan out your content calendar as far in advance as you’d like. Some wedding professionals plan 3, 6 or even 9 months ahead! We recommend splitting your year into quarters with Q1 being March. – May, Q2 June– August, Q3 September – November, Q4 December – January. This gives you the ability to plan for the busiest wedding seasons, events, or targeted content to reach specific audiences that month. 

After that, it’s time to reassess and create new content. Take the next 2 or 3 months and plan out a content schedule based on your findings from the previous year. You might decide to do 1 month, 2 month or 4 month content calendars instead– do what works so you stay creative and consistent.

Once you have an overview your content planned out, write your to-do’s in your weekly planner and ensure you have all the resources you need for your planned posts. 

Check Out Our Best Content Calendar Tips!

  • Don’t stress over every social media platform. Focus on the platforms where most of your ideal clients hang out. If you’re more ambitious, post one blog, 3 Instagram posts, and 2 Facebook posts every week.
  • Keep it consistent but don’t overextend yourself. If posting 3 times a week is too stressful, then just post on the same day once a week. It’s enough!
  • Quality trumps quantity. Spend time making sure your posts offer valuable content your audience will love.
  • Be flexible. Planning ahead is amazing because it gives you wiggle room to swap content if something comes up.

Want a carefully designed Content Calendar made just for wedding professionals? Find it here inside the Wedding Masters Community. 

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