Have you fallen for the biggest myth in wedding marketing today? 

You have if you think email is dead. Which is why most wedding entrepreneurs are bleeding leads by ignoring email marketing.

With the rise of social media, many wedding businesses are focusing their efforts on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. While building a solid social media presence is crucial, email is still the only direct line to your clients. 

What is email marketing? 

Email marketing is a form of direct-response marketing– you’re creating an active dialogue between you and your leads. And not every email needs to ask for a sale to be effective– whether you share stories, newsletter, tips, or how-tos, every correspondence creates a bond between you. This connection grows, empowering them to know, like and trust you; the 3 keys to increasing your sales.

A strong email marketing campaign can spark a stream of high-quality couples to your wedding business– especially if you use carefully-crafted emails with a sales funnel (more on sales funnels here). 

With email marketing, you can spend more time on your couples and less time marketing while still boosting your profits. However, without consistent contact with your email list, your email marketing won’t convert new couples or generate leads.

Many wedding businesses have trouble walking the fine line between friendly contact and dreaded spam. If you want to keep your email list engaged (but not annoyed), remember the simple 4-In-The-Hole guideline: send 4 emails in a row with absolutely fabulous, inspiring, valuable content then 1 hard-hitter. 

Here’s how:

For the first 4 emails, try sharing pics and a quick write-up of the last wedding you did, tricks you’ve learned, romantic wedding stories, or trendy ideas. Add a couple of links to your website and a P.S at the end reminding them how they can work with you. That’s it. It shouldn’t feel like marketing– it should feel like a fun email from a friend. After the 4th value-filled email, send 1 that focuses on selling your services. Then, start the whole sequence over again. It might not happen right away (many couples go months without booking), but soon enough, you’ll see a surge in conversions.

Email campaigns require special care and compelling copy so they’re actually read and acted upon– not sent to the trash. If you’re serious about making a positive impression on your leads, we teach you how to effectively approach your ideal clients inside the Wedding Masters Community. 

Come on in and join us! You’ll find amazing templates, swipes, and training, plus coaching and meaningful support so your wedding business thrives.