Growing a wedding business used to be as easy as paying a directory some money each month, seeing the leads come through and converting some sales. That simple life is over though, and we’re actually really glad. You see, it used to be that those who had the most money won.  Those who could spend on advertising in the directories, with some magazines and maybe with some blogs were the brands that were successful.  Now, that’s oversimplifying it, of course, but it’s a much more level playing field today and for that, we are very grateful.

The secret to growing a wedding business today comes down to a 10 step approach.  Where most wedding professionals go wrong is skipping the first few steps and jumping straight in to the creative side (logos, branding, websites) because that’s where they feel most comfortable.

In our experience, without a whole bunch of luck and great intuition, you cannot skip the foundation steps and move directly into the creative steps… or you’re heading to a whole world of trouble.

Seriously, what is the use of having a beautiful logo or a gorgeous website if you have no sales?

Generally, wedding pros reach out to us for help when they’ve already invested in these things and they aren’t working.  And, as much as they love the brand and the website design, we have to make some changes in order to optimize the business for sales.

So, let’s agree to avoid that situation, shall we?  Let’s create a business for you that is prepped for growth from day one.

Your number one priority when growing a wedding business is to understand your target market intimately.  Know what motivates them, what their pain points are, where they hang out and who/ what influences them.

Next, it’s all about compelling offer.  What can you package together that will be so enticing that your ideal client cannot help but purchase it from you?  Get that right, and you’re ready to grow!

Pricing is such a difficult decision.  There are so many Gurus out there who will tell you they have the perfect method for pricing your wedding offer, but the truth is, unless you know your target market intimately, you don’t have the answer.  There’s the clue.

Now, get creative!  You know what you’re selling and who you’re selling it to, so it’s now time to start putting it all together with your messaging, positioning and branding.  Do not be fooled.  Branding isn’t just about colors and logos.  It’s a science… and it’s fun!

It’s time to build your online foundations – your website, your social media, your sales funnels and get serious about your online presence.  It’s no longer good enough just to have one or the other.  All are needed, and they all need a serious plan.

Building your authority is key to growth.  You’ll need to have social proof of your outcomes, be visible in your space and be building your reputation.  It helps to really start to get visible!

Marketing now is holistic.  You have to be everywhere… be on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and the directories if it makes sense.  Guest posting on blogs, run some ads… think strategically about where your market is… and be there.

If you’ve done all of that right, when a lead comes through, they will be yours to lose!  Having a good formula for sales conversations to take a lead from cold to hot and purchasing is the key.

Once you sign a new client, your job has just begun!  Think of client experience as important as your marketing or sales campaigns.  Those clients become advocates and provide social proof to others – as well as building your reputation as an industry leader.

With all of this working, it’s now time to think about scale.  Take your business to the next level with staff, outsourcing, and automation.  And, then you can grow regionally, nationally, internationally… the world is your oyster!