Successfully running social media for your wedding business is hard work, even if you have no qualms about being visible and “out there.”  Even the most experienced of us gets tripped up by the constant changing of algorithms and rules, let alone the way that our ideal target clients use social media.

To make things easier, I wanted to give you some ideas on how we coach our clients to use social media successfully.  And, I think you’ll be super-pleased to know that they’re simple to implement and won’t take up every moment of your day!

Your number one priority is to be crystal clear about your target market.  There is no point creating social posts all over the joint, only to realize that you’re not actually talking to your ideal target client.  

I see so many social media “Gurus” out there talking about how to grow your following and how to “engage” your audience, but to me, they are missing the point.

As a local wedding business owner, you probably are only looking for between 10 and 50 clients a year.  Now, you tell me why you would need 1000s or hundreds of thousands of followers to find a dozen clients?

You see, to me social media isn’t about “vanity metrics” – it’s about actually delivering you leads you can sell your services or products to, so instead of focusing on things that matter little to the desired outcome of landing more clients, then let’s actually focus on the things that have a better chance of success.

As a local wedding business owner, you are probably only looking for between 10 and 50 clients a year. Now, you tell me why you would need 1000s or hundreds of thousands of followers to find a dozen clients?

Follow these steps to get more from your social media, and if you want the in-depth training join our Wedding Masters mastermind where we talk about social media and visibility all the time in our training sessions, have loads of training videos and cheat sheets and even bonus Instagram Canva templates included.  Click here to join Wedding Masters.

First, know your ideal target market intimately (yes, I’m a broken record).  Know where they are hanging out (which social media channels they use), who influences them and get your messaging spot on.

Next, decide on two to three social media platforms only.  Ideally two – and get them RIGHT!  Social media can be a time suck from a copywriting, image curation and engagement perspective, so do less and do it well.

Design your social media to perform.  Do your research (which we do lots for you in Wedding Masters) to ensure that you’re getting the very best from the platforms you have chosen.

Ensure that your posts always have a singular purpose.  By this I mean, choose a Call to Action (CTA) such as sending people to a free call with you, or to download your Lead Magnet from your website.

Use social media to collect “social proof” by engaging current and previous clients in conversations about their weddings.  Peer reviews are one of the chief reasons many people choose to purchase, so try very hard to capture reviews, testimonials, stories and tag your favorite clients in posts.

Get visible, and more visible.  Video is the best way right now and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down.  Learn how to use video well (we have lots of training in Wedding Masters) and get as visible as you can be on the right platforms.