Sales funnels are all the rage right now in digital marketing circles and whilst they are still taking some time to take hold in the wedding industry, we’re starting to see more and more wedding business owners asking us to create them.  The truth is, we have been creating sales funnels for wedding businesses for years, and we’re thrilled that more wedding business owners are “getting” the idea and starting to experiment with more than just the standard directory ad to website to call marketing funnel.

So, just what is a Sales Funnel?

Simply, a sales funnel in the context of digital marketing is a journey mapped from one place to another to “funnel” a lead from A to B (B being a call, a sale etc)…  Here is the most simple sales funnel for a wedding business…

Starting with your Directory ad, your social media post or your advertisement on Google etc, you would direct traffic to a landing page with an opt in for a lead magnet or something with value.  In return, the lead gives you their email address so they can download the gift.

That’s when you need to think about the journey following this.  What is the next natural step that your lead will be seeking after the gift you’ve given them?  Let’s say, you’re providing them with an emagazine showing them 100 seasonal flowers and how to use them in wedding centerpieces, the next logical step if you’re a florist, might be to ask them if they’d like to brainstorm their centerpieces with you free of charge.  Or, you could offer them a Wedding Florals Planner at a small cost (say $27) which they download to plan their wedding flowers and budgets.  There are so many ways you can move people through the journey – but do ensure that you really think about your target market and what will resonate with them.

Now, that may all sound difficult, but honestly… it isn’t.  An online sales funnel is simply a series of web pages that connect to one another and lead someone from one action to the next.

Where things get complicated is in the strategy, the planning and the follow up.  You must know your market so intimately for a sales funnel to work – because you can’t just guess what is going to work.  You have to be able to guide people to take specific actions and you must know what will compel them to take those actions.

To build a sales funnel for your wedding business, start by understanding what you can provide to them free of charge that builds your authority with them, and give it to them!  Then, guide them to the next action, which will probably be a free call with you, or a cheap product that makes sense to further build your authority.  Keep following that same journey formula until you get to the final sale.

That, my wedding friends, is all a sales funnel is.  

We teach the complete way to build your own sales funnel for your business inside Wedding Masters.  I’d love you to join me inside there so you can learn how to implement this very important wedding business marketing strategy beginning today.