Everyone gets so excited about designing their wedding business website, afterall, you have such gorgeous galleries and wedding pictures to share… but when it comes down to it, a website is a part of your sales team, and needs to perform as part of your overall marketing and sales strategy… and that’s when things start to get serious and not so fun to build.

The Weddings Inc team builds beautiful websites that perform at an optimum level for its wedding clients all over the world through its sister company, Business Bravery.  

And, we want to share with you some of the secrets that make our wedding business websites perform so well, so you can implement some of the magic on your website.

First things first… you have to know your target market incredibly well.  I keep mentioning this in everything that I train, but it’s so critical that you know your audience intimately, otherwise, you’re seriously wasting your time and money on a website.

If you work with a web designer and they don’t do your branding too – and I mean, serious brand messaging, positioning and understanding your offer – run a million miles away.

You have to know your market, have crystal clear messaging, branding that speaks directly to your audience and a deeply resonating offer… only then, engage a website designer and copywriter to bring all of these elements to life for you.

Now you have nailed your audience, it’s time to get down to building a high performance website.

Firstly, choose your platform.  We LOVE WordPress #1, but if it’s all too much for you, then try ShowIT or WIX, which are terrific options, as is Squarespace.  However, the reason we love WordPress so much is the versatility, the scalability, and the reliability of the platform.

Then, lay out your website pages based on the journey you want your ideal client to take when they land on your website.  It’s critical you imagine a clear path that they can follow – and you make it very easy for them to get from A to Z.  

One of the major problems that we see with wedding business websites is simply that they’re too complicated.  Try to ensure that each page has a SINGLE purpose, and have a clear CALL TO ACTION on every page, so the person knows what to do.

Try to ensure that each page of your website has a SINGLE purpose and has a clear CALL TO ACTION on every page, so your leads know what to do.

The things you want to ensure you nail:

Copywriting:  be clear, concise, speak in a language your ideal target market understands.

Storytelling:  tell your story.  Wedding business owners are invited into a couple’s most intimate day and they want to know who you are and that they can trust you.

Design Principles:  Don’t go over the top with your design.  Give your visitors a clear pathway to follow and show them that you know THEM by representing them in your imagery.

Social Proof:  It’s so important that you have peer reviews, testimonials or case studies on your website – potential clients want to know you know what you’re doing!

Be Contactable:  For goodness sake, don’t just put a contact form on your site.  Have a phone number, email address, embedded calendar and ensure you respond PRONTO when someone reaches out to you.

SEO:  Ensure that you have a clear single purpose for every page, and that you use a plugin like YOAST at the most basic SEO level to manage your web page’s search engine optimization.

Call to Action:  Ensure you have a clear Call to Action (CTA) on every page, which may be to a sales funnel, your contact page, an embedded scheduling page… 

Lead Capture (through a sales funnel):  Never bleed a lead!  That’s one of our mantras, so ensure that you have a sales funnel (a lead magnet, webinar, a freebie of some kind) to entice your market, elevate your authority and capture their information… and then follow up with a great automated email sequence.


There’s a lot to think about with a website, which is why it’s so important to invest in a web designer who gets how to make your website perform not just from a “prettiness” perspective, but from a sales perspective.  We teach how to create your wedding business website in our training videos, and even give you wireframes and the format for copywriting inside our Wedding Masters mastermind.  You can get your hands on it instantly here.